Where Did Marriage Come From?

As a Christian, the concept of marriage and the Christian faith belong together. As a man, I desired to love a woman, but as a Christian, I desired to marry a woman. Furthermore, my faith as a Christian informs my marriage. As a married man who is a Christian, God’s word is my teacher in the area of marriage.

But what about people who are not Chrisitans? What compels them to get married? The paragraphs below are from my ebook, The Family and the Chrisitan Faith which you can purchase in the Canyon Crossers store:

Secular anthropologists admit that marriage is universal in human societies, that it is different from monogamy (which they believe, based on their evolutionary assumptions, developed first, before marriage), and that it precedes recorded human history. However, they cannot explain these things. Why is it that marriage exists in every human society? Why, if some animals practice monogamy, would marriage be necessary for humans? Why did people make promises to each other in marriage before anyone started writing down human history and why do they keep doing that in every human culture? Secular scholars have no good answers to these questions. They have theories—some secularists have alleged that marriage is just a form of slavery that has evolved over time—but that does not account for the universality of marriage or why it was necessary if people were already practicing monogamy.

The Bible, however, tells us that marriage exists and is so universal because God created it. Again, Genesis 2:24 says, “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” In Genesis 2:24 Moses gives us his conclusion to the story of the creation of Eve, and his conclusion is that marriage exists because God created humans. As the human author of Genesis, Moses is telling us where marriage originated and why it is such a dominant force in human societies. All human societies in every part of the world, in every historical time period, practice marriage. It transcends geographic, ethnic, racial, religious, and chronological boundaries. Why? Because God created it. The phrase, “for this reason…” in verse 24 tells us why people feel compelled to get married. When divorce is so painful and costly, when people in our culture and others deny that God created humanity, when it is morally acceptable in our culture to have sex with any other consenting adult, why do people still feel compelled to get married? The answer is that God created us this way. Although the Bible says that some people have a gifting from God to stay single, the huge majority of people want to get married. So, marriage exists and is so very common not because it’s customary for humans to do or because their religion tells them to get married but because God made men and women for each other. He hard-wired marriage into humanity and that’s why people continue to get married even if they don’t believe the Bible and even if their society tells them that marriage is optional.

Brian Jones, The Family and the Christian Faith, p. 5.