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The Interpretation Canyon

Years ago I was teaching a class here at Calvary Bible Church about how to study, interpret, and apply the Bible. One Sunday, after I taught the importance of interpreting Scripture properly, a man in our church came up to me and said something like, “When I read the Bible, God speaks directly to me.” […]

The Three Way Tug

Preaching and teaching God’s word creates tension for pastors who want to be faithful to scripture but also connect to the lives of people. Click here to read about the three tensions we pastors feel when preparing to teach God’s word

It is Contagious

Micah 1:9: “For Samaria’s plague is incurable; it has spread to Judah. It has reached the very gate of my people, even to Jerusalem itself.” Micah was a prophet who prophesied in Judah. His ministry spanned the reign of three of the Southern Kingdom kings namely, “Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah” (Micah 1:1). However, he spoke […]